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We'll send one of our experts out to your home to inspect for signs of wildlife activity. If there are any, we'll set up a free, no-obligation quote for the extermination services you need—and we'll do the job right away

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Get Rid Of Squirrels and Bats With Our Wildlife Removal Services In Raymond, NH, and Southern New Hampshire

Bio Tech Pest Control, Inc. is a wildlife removal company serving Raymond, NH and Southern New Hampshire, and the surrounding areas. We offer complimentary inspections to identify the cause of your squirrel invasion, and we’ll help you decide on the best course of action to get rid of them for good. If you have a wildlife problem, those things aren’t happening—and that’s where we come in. Whether you’ve got an infestation of bats in your attic or squirrels in your chimney, we can get rid of them for good so that you can return to living the life you want to live.

Wildlife like squirrels and bats can cause a lot of damage in your attic space. They can chew through insulation and wiring, which can lead to electrical fires in your home. They also make loud noises that interrupt your sleep at night. If you notice holes entering your attic space, damage to insulation and wood in your attic space, and noise in your attic space, it’s time to call us so we can come out and perform an inspection

Here’s how it works: we’ll send one of our experts out to your home to inspect for signs of squirrel activity. If there are any, we’ll set up a free, no-obligation quote for the exclusion services you need—and we’ll do the job right away! Whether you have a bat problem or a raccoon problem, we’ve got your back. We offer top-of-the-line wildlife removal services in Raymond, NH, and Southern New Hampshire, and we specialize in getting rid of everything from bats to squirrels to skunks.

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If you have a bat infestation in your home or business, it is best to contact a professional pest control company. Bats can carry rabies and other diseases, so it is important to be safe when dealing with them. If you have bats in your attic, they are probably coming through an opening that they can fit through—an opening that they can fit through at least three times their size. These openings could be around vents, chimneys, or windows.

Is your home or business in need of a bat removal service? If so, call the professionals at Bio-Tech Pest Control, Inc. We’ve been serving Manchester and Nashua for decades and can provide you with the help you need. We are a family-owned business, and we take great pride in our work. We specialize in bat removal, bat control, raccoon removal, rodent removal, and squirrel removal.

Our goal is to provide excellent service to all of our customers by treating them like family. If you have a bat infestation, don’t try to do it yourself—call us! We’ll come out right away and take care of the problem for you. If you have squirrel problems at your home or business, give us a call today. We offer affordable pricing and will gladly answer any questions you might have about our services or how they work. Our pest control experts can help you get rid of any kind of pest problem you may have. If you are having trouble with bats in your attic, we can help!

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Have you been seeing wildlife on your property? We can help! Bio Tech Pest Control, Inc. is a local wildlife removal company based in Raymond, NH and Southern New Hampshire. We’re here to help you get rid of those pesky animals and get your home back in order. Our team is highly trained and experienced in the removal of all kinds of wildlife, including squirrels. We offer complimentary inspections so that we can determine exactly what kind of animal has made its way into your home or business. Looking for Pest Control Services in or around the Raymond, NH, and Southern New Hampshire area? Please contact us today.

Why These Rodents Are Not Safe In Your Property

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    Bats can pose serious issues for humans if they are found within your home or office. These nocturnal flying mammals leave their roosts at dusk to feed and then return before daylight. Be sure that their roost isn't in fact your home! During cold and rainy seasons bats look for places to hide out as they do not like to migrate in those conditions. Be cautious because their droppings contain fungi that can lead to histoplasmosis, a lung disease.

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    Controlling flying squirrels and gray squirrels can be challenging. The first priority is to locate the entry point. The next thing Bio-Tech Pest Control will look for, and that you should note as well, is the number of squirrels invading your home. Be sure that they are not using your home as a nesting spot. Squirrels are known to nest below the insulation so they are not easy to spot.