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We'll send one of our experts out to your home to inspect for signs of wildlife activity. If there are any, we'll set up a free, no-obligation quote for the extermination services you need—and we'll do the job right away

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Get Effective Wildlife Exclusion Services for Squirrels and Bats in Raymond, NH and Southern New Hampshire

At Bio Tech Pest Control, Inc., we specialize in wildlife exclusion services to address squirrel and bat invasions in Raymond, NH and Southern New Hampshire, as well as the surrounding areas. With our complimentary inspections, we’ll identify the root cause of your wildlife problem and provide a customized plan of action to eliminate them permanently. Don’t let unwanted wildlife disrupt your life—we’re here to restore your peace of mind and help you reclaim your space.

Wildlife such as squirrels and bats can cause extensive damage to your attic. They can chew through insulation and wiring, increasing the risk of electrical fires. Moreover, their nocturnal activities can disturb your sleep. If you notice signs like holes in your attic, damage to insulation and wood, and noises coming from the attic, it’s crucial to call us for an inspection.

Here’s how our process works: Our experienced professionals will visit your property to assess signs of squirrel activity. Upon confirmation, we’ll provide a free, no-obligation quote for the necessary wildlife exclusion services, and we’ll initiate the process immediately. Whether you’re dealing with a bat infestation or a raccoon problem, we have the expertise to handle it. With our top-of-the-line wildlife removal services in Raymond, NH and Southern New Hampshire, we specialize in eliminating bats, squirrels, skunks, and more.

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When it comes to dealing with a bat infestation, it’s best to entrust the task to a professional pest control company. Bats can carry diseases such as rabies, making safety a priority. If you have bats in your attic, they are likely entering through openings that are at least three times their size, such as vents, chimneys, or windows.

If you require bat removal services for your home or business, contact the experts at Bio-Tech Pest Control, Inc. With decades of experience serving Manchester, Nashua, and the surrounding areas, we provide the assistance you need. As a family-owned business, we take pride in delivering exceptional service. Our specialties include bat removal, bat control, raccoon removal, rodent removal, and squirrel removal.

Our dedicated team aims to treat every customer like family, offering outstanding service and support. If you’re dealing with a bat infestation, avoid attempting to handle it yourself—give us a call! We’ll promptly address the issue for you. For squirrel problems at your residence or business, reach out to us today. We offer affordable pricing and are happy to address any inquiries you may have about our services. Our pest control experts are well-equipped to tackle any pest issue you’re facing, including bats in your attic.

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Have you been encountering wildlife on your property? Don’t worry, Bio Tech Pest Control, Inc. is here to assist you. As a local wildlife exclusion company serving Raymond, NH and Southern New Hampshire, we specialize in eliminating pesky animals and restoring order to your home. Our highly trained and experienced team handles various wildlife species, including squirrels. With our complimentary inspections, we’ll accurately determine the type of animal that has infiltrated your property. Contact us today for reliable pest control services in Raymond, NH and Southern New Hampshire, and the surrounding areas.

Why These Rodents Are Not Safe In Your Property

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    Bats can pose serious issues for humans if they are found within your home or office. These nocturnal flying mammals leave their roosts at dusk to feed and then return before daylight. Be sure that their roost isn't in fact your home! During cold and rainy seasons bats look for places to hide out as they do not like to migrate in those conditions. Be cautious because their droppings contain fungi that can lead to histoplasmosis, a lung disease.

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    Controlling flying squirrels and gray squirrels can be challenging. The first priority is to locate the entry point. The next thing Bio-Tech Pest Control will look for, and that you should note as well, is the number of squirrels invading your home. Be sure that they are not using your home as a nesting spot. Squirrels are known to nest below the insulation so they are not easy to spot.